Friday, May 17, 2013

Tattoo time

Since the race, I’ve been eating a lot of garbage.. "recovery foods" have included Ben and Jerry’s, french fries, sangria and wine, and candy. Hey it’s cool- I ran close to 200 miles in the last 2 months and burned 1400 calories durning the race Sunday. 
There was at least one good meal
 Sushi is the best.. Except I followed it up with 2-3 glasses of wine.. BUT its got antioxidants so it’s cool right?
I haven’t worked out at all and thankfully my legs have seemed to come back nice and strong. I decided to get a little run in Thursday morning.
 The run was just under 3 miles. It felt awesome to stretch them out. 
After the run, James and I had a little meeting to go to.. we stopped in a little bakery nearby for some coffee and a snack..
 That “snack” is called Almond Joy…. Coconut and chocolate.. and so delicious.. 
After our appointment, we had lunch. I’m obsessed with lamb burgers.. I just can’t help it.
I had a massage scheduled- which was awesome as always.. before heading out to FINALLY get my Hydro tattoo started.. Say goodbye to a naked left foot!
 My appointment was at 3pm. The first couple hours was dedicated to finalizing the design- which Larry drew on the spot- going off some photos I had sent him for inspiration. And then it was time to put the stencil on. 
 And draw on the final touches
 Finally… we started tattooing.. 
Now, let me start by saying, I knew it wasn’t going to feel “good”. I mean, it’s not my first foot tattoo.. However.. The parts near the toes were the worst pain I think I have ever felt. True story. 
Outline completed! 
Side by side
(My other tattoo is nothing in comparison.. and the new one isn’t even done. haha) 
From the front
The appointment to finish it is a at the end of June but until then..
the fun happens- healing... 

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