Thursday, July 19, 2012

Excuse + Workouts+ Foods

  Whoa- in case you didn’t notice I haven’t posted in over a week..  The boys are not impressed. 
 I’m sure your not either. Well I promise I haven’t forgot about you guys and I feel like a total jerk for leaving you hanging (since I know you all wait by the computer for my posts to show, haha.) Sorry, I’ll do better I promise!
   The real story is that I’ve been planning a party for the husband who turns the big 32 tomorrow! Yeah in Coco fashion I left everything to the last minute and have been running around like crazy trying to get everything done.. In any amount of down time I’ve had… I’ve been sucked into 50 Shades of Grey and now 50 Shade Darker- what can I say, I’m a follower (or my friend sent them to me for free and I had to see what the fuss was about- fact) I’m a fan, Period.
   So now I’m going to catch ya up- half-assed of course..
Some work outs

     Including multiple days of different ZWOWS from ZuzkaLight- I love her workouts and they have really been fitting into my schedule.. I mean who doesn’t have 15 minutes to spare?! Of course there has been some swimming too.. but not as much. I’ve been trying to “take it easy” since my back has been pissed off.. I did get to swim practice on Tuesday and managed to swim 1000 today before my goggles snapped- Thankfully I have new ones coming in the mail so I won’t be without the water for too long.

      Yeah I’m a sweaty beast after only 12 minutes..
Oh yeah- I even got my cars windshield fixed!

   My lilies FINALLY popped, and it was totally work the wait :)
    These stand above my eye level and the stem is at least 11/2 inches in diameter.. I think they dig that spot

 Over this past weekend our amazing friends invited us to their families beach house in Maine. We have  had the pleasure of staying there in the past and it is always amazing.. Such a great group of people with the best views-

    I didn’t really take many pictures though! Oops :)

   And of course there is food- I was generously given samples of Jenkins Jellies pepper Jellies and have been using it on veggies, tofu and Quorn chix cutlets OMG.. So good (Full review coming when I try all the of varieties)

  Little bitty baby grape :)

  Wine and Sopranos= love

    (Don’t mind the taste tester divot- I couldn’t help myself… Cream Cheese and Hell Fire Pepper jelly for crackers)
So good!

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