Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dog of the Day + WO + Plants

  This evenings post is brought to you by “Dog of the Day” Khloe- 

     Khloe is a Boxer/ Rottweiler mix and only 6 weeks old..  She is the new addition to our friend Brandon- and I’m completely in LOVE with her. Seriously- Look at this face
 My heart melts into the biggest puddle every time I see her pretty little face and get little puppy kisses- I love puppy breath, haha.. I’m guessing right about now any readers I may have- probably just bolted.. But just look at it this way.. Most woman love the smell of babies.. I love puppies..  I feel like it’s comparable.. no?  The best part is that I get to be Aunty C- get as many puppy snuggles as I can take (which lets be real.. there are never enough) Watch her grow and be adorable- BUT I don’t have to house train her, or pay her vet bills.. Score!
     Speaking of growing.. some greenery is blooming’ over here

       This mornings workout started off with 15 minutes each of jogging and arc trainer.. followed by a Bi and Tri on the fly workout.

Bi and Tri on the Fly

  • DB Curls 3x12 each arm @ 20lb.
  • Skull Crushers 3x12 @ 30lb.
  • SuperSet-    T-bar Bi Curl 3x12@ 30lb. / Tri Push Down 3x12 @ 30lb.
  • Tri Overhead Rope Extension 3x12 @ 30lb.
  • Bi 21s- 3x21 @ 10lb. ( 7 reps- lower half, 7 rep- upper half, 7 reps full range) 
    By the time we got to the last Bi 21s my arms were BURNING..  Hurt so good for sure :)

    After my WO, I headed to work- and got sent home early.. only making $43.. What a waste of time.. Usually I make at least double that amount.. but what can you do? Well if your me- you search Craigslist for a new job- while I was working.. yup I have no shame.. Not like I was doing anything else- hah.  I found a few good leads- and plan on sending out some resumes tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed for a few bites :)
      Let me leave you with some AMAZING bites from dinner
Cheese ravioli with pink vodka sauce.. Seriously sinful- and totally worth it..

Do you have a dog that you want to be featured- send it along with a photo and info :)

What was your last sinful bite?

Are you a fan of plants? Do you have houseplants, gardens, herbs?? Which ones?

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