Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday workout- Hair- boots

  Surprisingly I woke up bright and early and had time to drink some coffee, eat some breakfast, and watch something Christmasy before I hit up the gym. I started out with a 10 minute warm up walk on the treadmill and moved on to some upper body work:
Super Set #1
Pull ups 3x12
Push ups 2x12 (for some reason I didn’t do the 3rd set that I had planned- there was a lot of people in the area so I got distracted I guess- hah!)
Super Set #2
Bicep curl 3x12 (each arm) 15lbs
DB fly 3x12 7.5 lbs
Super Set #3
Lat Pull down 3x12 (2 sets @70 lbs 1 set @80)
Cable row 3x12 ( 2 sets @ 40lbs 1 set @55lbs)
Super Set #4
3x1 minute plank hold
3x20 forearm plank twists
   I finished up with 18 minutes of walking on the treadmill for cool down.
I headed home and had a great idea…"Lets combine some coffee into the protein” I’ve had this instant coffee from Trader Joes laying around for a while so I made it happen. 

2 tsp of instant coffee mixed with 1/2C of boiling water, 1 scoop Chocolate protein, 1 cup almond milk, and 1/2 a cup of whole milk- blend-er-up..

 It was really very yummy- though I think next time I would cut it down to 1 tsp of coffee..

When James got home we decided to have a pizza bake off..
 We ultimately it was determined that my pizza won this round!

Afterwards we had a little holiday fun- Sammy seems to think that the tree skirt is his special place to sleep-
 I love that the boys let me do anything to them.. lol Too fricken cute my kids are..

 And just because I forgot to share..
 My hair cut the first day- when the hair dresser did it.. it will never look this go again...

How was your weekend?