Monday, November 28, 2011

I didn’t feel like going to the gym..

    So instead I kicked my own butt at home! I was planning on just doing a nice long yoga practice- with some pandora music playing in the background. But then a song came on that I really like to dance to:

And then my yoga practice turned into a dance with some yoga postures thrown in- which lasted about 25 minutes- Bingo! There was some cardio :) Then there was some lower body stuff as well:

25 leg lifts- 25 inner leg lifts (each side)
100 squats
3 x12 Lunge pulses (each leg)
20 Jump squats
2x10 lunge- kick (each leg)
20 Low jacks (start with feet together, jump legs out a bit wider than hips distance, jump feet back together, and jump up!)
100 squats
3x1 minute wall sits

Yeah pretty safe to say my legs were burning and I was sweaty! I love when a plan falls together. I really love to dance- and I’m seriously considering getting certified to teach Zumba- but I’m really going to need to practice for that one!
   Today I’m going to paint the window molding in the kitchen and the wooden brackets under the bar top- but first I have to go buy some paint! What are your Monday plans?

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