Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thinking of you always...

Each time you cross my mind I think…. “Things I’ll Miss”
-Carving pumpkins each halloween
-Apple picking-turing into apple fights
-Going 5 places on Thanksgiving
-Making Christmas ornaments
-Being spoiled on Christmas morning
-Kissing and spending New Years together
-Your hugs
-The way you taste after you drink beer
-The way you used to look at me and tell me I was beautiful
-Sucking tears off my face
-Wrestling until we giggled
-Coloring Easter eggs and Sammy
-Sunday morning coffee and cartoons
-The way you always blamed me for bring Hydro home
-How you always supported everything that I did- always my biggest cheerleader
-How passionate you are about your work
-Forehead kisses
-Holding me the way I like to be held
-Falling asleep on you while watching a movie

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