Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shit my Dad Says

Well not actually my dad- I’m talking about the book by Justin Halpern.. If you haven’t heard of this book then you better listen up! It’s a super easy read with some seriously funny shit.. I know there have been times I told you to run out and do something and my guess is that you didn’t actually go and do it.. however- do yourself a favor.. head to the library and get this book because you will find yourself in the middle of the laundry mat laughing out loud.. And here are a few gems to get you interested... 

"Confidence is the way to a woman’s heart, or at least into her pants- no one wants to lay the guy who wouldn’t lay himself”

‎"listen, I don't want to stifle your creativity, but that thing you built there, looks like a pile of shit.”

“I thought we were getting donuts,” I said“Nah, we’re going to have a real breakfast,” he replied as he pulled into the parking lot at our local Denny’s.“This is Denny’s,” I said.
“Well, aren’t you the fucking Queen of England.”

Now see- wasn’t that funny? The last one might be more amusing to me since I actually work at Denny’s- but you get the picture.. Speaking of while I need to get my ass in gear- see you after the egg-slinging. 

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