Thursday, March 10, 2011

Insanity and Yoga

  Another sweaty Insanity which in reality really just made me want to vomit the entire time. Rough Nuggets..
    Hit up Classic tock yoga over at the studio- I felt like I needed a good stretch. It was good, but not exactly what I needed- I know that’s the problem with going to someone else’s class, when I should have just practiced in my own yoga space but hey I wanted some company- and that made it worth it. The studio is small which makes the community awesome :)
    Anyway my body feels pretty beat up, call it the combo of Insanity/yoga/pilates/bodyrock/gym.. slacklining- it feels very tired and my achilles tendon hates it! Rest is going to have to wait- I have to work today, and teach tonight- plus I usually go to pilates too.. Better to be busy!

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